Using your Passion or Hobby to make money

Turning Your Passion or Hobby into an Affiliate Goldmine

Do you have a strong passion for a particular topic or a hobby you could happily spend each waking hour focused on? Most people have something they’re passionate about. It could be knitting, making rocking chairs, collecting pencils, soap operas, shoes, making beer, you name it there’s someone who has a passion for it.

What are you passionate about? What’s your hobby? Wouldn’t it be great if you could also make money from your unique passion?

You can as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is a great way to build an online income part time or full time, you can work from home. It’s extremely low risk and it’s easy to learn.

Here’s how to turn your passion or hobby into an affiliate goldmine:

1. Choose the passion/hobby you’re going to build a website or blog around. You’re going to be writing, thinking about, planning and talking about your topic every day. Make sure it’s a topic you’re passionate about.

2. Make a list of 50 article topics or blog posts you can write, record as an audio or make a video about. If you’re passionate about your topic then you’ll be able to easily come up with 50 things you want to talk about. And know that you don’t have to write if writing isn’t your thing. You can make audio recordings or make videos too. You just need to be able to enthusiastically discuss your topic.

3. Get online and research affiliate programs. Look in affiliate directories and visit the websites of companies you have used, respect and enjoy. Look for affiliate programs that have a good reputation.

4. Create your website or blog. There are many options here, one of the easiest is to purchase a domain name and set a WordPress blog up on it. There are tutorials and guides to help you do this yourself.

5. Grab that list of 50 topics and start creating content. Content is your foundation and the way you’re going to attract visitors and make sales. Content can be in the form of:

* Reviews
* Articles
* Reports
* Case studies
* Interviews
* Courses
* Audio and video content too!

Be sure to strategically place your affiliate links in your content. The goal is to inform your audience and presell relevant products or services.

For example, if your passion is knitting and you’re talking about a holiday knitting project you might link to a store where you buy your patterns, assuming you’re an affiliate for them. Your reader may click through and make a purchase earning you a commission.

6. Create a plan to market your affiliate business. The more people who see your content and visit your blog or website, the more money you can make. It just makes sense to promote your business. Social networking is a great way to accomplish this because it lets you interact directly with other people who are interested in your topic.

However you can also use:

* Banner and text advertising
* Article marketing
* Newsletter/ezine marketing
* Joint venture partnerships

There’s little that is as rewarding as making money doing something you love. Why not take a few steps to turn your passion or hobby into an affiliate goldmine? There’s little to no risk and the joy and wealth that can be obtained may be life changing.

Super Affiliate Tips

Top Tips from Super Affiliates

A super affiliate is someone who generates a significant amount of profits for the products or services they represent. Many super affiliates make six figures simply promoting the products and services of others. Sounds good, right?

Here are five top tips from super affiliates:

Tip #1 Build a strong content foundation. Content drives traffic to your website. It builds awareness. It boosts your credibility and authority in your industry. It gives people a reason to come back to your website. It increases your search engine page ranking. It provides value to your visitors. And content, each and every piece of content you publish, can be used to promote an affiliate product or service.

In short, content is your single most important business asset. Possible content forms include:

* Autoresponders.
* E-newsletters.
* Blogs posts
* Audio messages
* Video messages or content
* Social networking posts
* Articles
* Press releases
* Reports
* Ebooks

Mix it up, too! Choose several forms of content to use to build and grow your affiliate business.

Tip #2 Track and test. Make sure you know where your prospects are coming from. What content works best for your audience? What types of content or links motivate them to click through? What pages do they visit on your website? What keywords do they use? All of this information is essential to building an affiliate business that meets and responds to prospects’ needs.

Tip #3 Go beyond the standard banners and buttons. It’s fine to use the marketing materials your affiliate program provides. However, as mentioned in Tip #1, content is really what works. Create your own content, promotions and brand to promote your affiliate products and services.

Tip #4 Build a community and a brand. You are a business. And to be a successful business, a brand image and a community are necessary. Building a community around your website and providing valuable content is a sure way to create a following that trusts you and your credibility – which results in click throughs and commissions. And social networking is perhaps one of the most useful tools to build a community and communicate your brand image.

Tip #5 Communicate and follow up with customers. Regular communication is the best way to continue to motivate purchases. Build an opt in list and create a plan to provide them with regular and valuable information. Each ezine or autoresponder you send can promote but it should also inform. Continuing to connect with your audience is essential for super affiliate success.

In today’s market building an affiliate business is about building a community and connecting with others who are interested in your topic. Get online, blog, comment on blogs, network and drive traffic to your site with content.

Promoting Your Offer

Sure Fire Ways To Promote Affiliate Offers

Affiliates make money by promoting and preselling the products and services of others. There are many ways to promote affiliate offers including banner ads, pay per click ads and advertising on websites. However, there are other more powerful and effective affiliate promotion strategies.

Let’s take a look at a few surefire ways to promote affiliate offers.


Reviews are one of the most powerful ways to promote affiliate offers. Before many people make a purchase, they look for product reviews to help them make a decision. They use reviews to compare features, prices, and of course to help justify their buying decision.

You can tap into this need by writing quality reviews for the products you represent. A good review will identify the product features and benefits. It will present all the pros and cons of the product in an honest light. Presenting your review in the most unbiased manner possible will help your readers trust you and what you have to say.

When writing your review, don’t make it sound or read like a sales page. That’s the job of the company sales page you’re linking to. The review should be designed to presell the product. And of course, be sure to include a link or two to the product sales page so you can earn a commission.


Just like reviews, people read online to learn more about a problem they have or a desire they wish to fulfill. Articles, designed to inform and help people solve their problems will be read, passed along and linked to. When you include links in these articles to your affiliate products, you make sales. It’s one of the strongest ways to promote affiliate products.

Publish articles on your website, as blog posts, in your newsletter or ezine, on partner websites and blogs and on article marketing sites that allow affiliate links.

Audio and Video

Just like articles, audio and video content is also a great way to promote affiliate products. Unfortunately, it’s tough to link to products in audio and video. That being said, there are ways to link in audio and video content and you can work around it by referencing a link to the product on your website or blog.

Reports and Ebooks

At this point you might be noticing a trend – content is a great way to promote affiliate products. Reports and ebooks offer a tremendous amount of value to the reader because they take a larger look at how to solve a problem. They’re more in depth than a standard article. For example a book or report on dog housebreaking is going to be a lot more detailed and potentially helpful than an article on the same topic.

Just like in an article, you would include links to relevant affiliate products in the reports and ebooks.

If you’re looking for surefire ways to promote your affiliate products, you can’t go wrong with content. Any form of content, as long as it offers your readers value and benefit, is a great vehicle for affiliate promotion. Get busy creating your content strategy today!

Information Marketing

Information Marketing – The Key to Affiliate Success

Information marketing is a business model established around the sale of information. It is one of the easiest forms of internet marketing and has turned into a booming business. As ebooks and digital publishing technology have taken off, so too has information marketing.

Information marketing works in much the same way an affiliate marketing business works. Business owners choose a niche to specialize in. They build a website supporting their niche and they publish an abundance of content to market and promote their website.

Information marketers make their money selling information products like ebooks, reports, online courses, teleseminars, and workshops and so on. Though they likely give away articles, reports and smaller packages of content much like an affiliate marketer would to build their list.

Affiliate marketers make their money by promoting the products of others and earning a commission. Where an affiliate marketer can really profit is by writing information products or having them created and using the product to simultaneously promote their affiliate products and/or services. This promotion is generally accomplished by including relevant affiliate links in the information product itself.

As an affiliate marketer you can sell your information products for a profit or you can give them away. It largely depends on your goals and how you integrate the two business models. It should also be noted that you’re not limited to simply creating reports and ebooks as information products.

While reports and ebooks are both easy to create and market, you can use other information products if they better suit your audience’s preferences and/or your skills and personality.

You can create:

* Videos
* Online courses
* Teleseminars
* Software
* Podcasts
* Even blueprints and tip sheets can be useful.

However, you choose to share your information with your audience, combining these two business models packs a powerful and profitable punch.

Publishing content like an ebook or a report helps boost your credibility as an authority in your industry. It positions you as an expert in your field and it provides a valuable resource for your audience. Sprinkle a bit of your personality in your information products through stories and anecdotes and you have tapped into most of the triggers for making a buying decision.

Couple the purchasing triggers with the fact that content is the perfect platform to presell the need for and benefit of various products and services and you have a winning combination.

Information marketing and affiliate product sales go hand in hand quite nicely. Take a look at your content plan and see where you can capitalize on the combination business model of information and affiliate marketing.

Write A Review

How to Write a Profit Pulling Product Review

Reviews are a superb form of content for affiliate marketers to produce. By design, they offer benefit to a prospect and they’re a natural piece to include links to the affiliate product’s sales page.

However, in order to write a review that actually motivates click throughs, there are a few steps and secrets to know.

Step #1 You’re not selling in a review, you’re providing information. Present the information honestly and accurately. Tell readers what the product is and what it does.

Step #2 Stress benefits. What makes the product different? Who benefits from the product? This is also a great place to tell a story. Talk about a situation where someone used the product and what they gained.

Step #3 Present yourself as an unbiased reviewer. Point out any drawbacks to the product or service you’re reviewing. However, be sure to counter those drawbacks subtly. It’s like when you go to an interview and they ask you to tell them your weaknesses. You turn them into strengths, right? Do the same with any drawbacks the product might have.

For example, if it’s more expensive than other comparative products, that’s a drawback. But it may also offer more in-depth information and strategies – this would override the obvious drawback.

Step #4 Include the details. Subjective information is great but people also want to know the details. What does it cost? Where can they purchase it? And are there any promotions they should know about that can save them money?

Tip – Your goal in a review is to presell, but to presell the product or service subtly. Take care to watch the language you use, no hype. And make sure to present yourself in a credible manner – you want to present yourself as a legitimate expert on your topic.

Tip – Consider being honest about the fact that you’re an affiliate for the product. Most people don’t care and they may respect your honesty. Consider doing a split test for this if you have doubts about this high level of transparency.

Write one review where you tell people you’re an affiliate for the product (towards the end where you provide a link to the sales page). Write another review where you don’t tell your readers you’re an affiliate. Track the results. Authenticity and transparency are more than the latest internet marketing buzz words.

Tip – Combine reviews of several like products in one article or post. You can be an affiliate for all the products or only some of them, the choice is yours.
Reviews are a great form of content for an affiliate marketer. They provide value and offer all the benefits content offers for business growth and profits.

Choose the Right Program to Market

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Program

Not all affiliate programs are created equally. In fact, some companies hardly put forth any effort, leaving their affiliates to fend for themselves. Other companies, however, take great initiative to support their affiliates and to motivate them to promote their products.

Here’s how to choose the right affiliate program.

Step #1 Start the search. Search affiliate program directories for top level programs. And research online. Visit websites that provide products and services relevant to your chosen niche and search for ‘affiliate program’ ‘partners’ or other words which might indicate they have an affiliate program. Make a note of the products, services and companies that interest you. It’s time to dig a little deeper.

Step #2 Evaluate commission percentages. This is the first point to evaluate but certainly not the last and it may not be the most important. However, make note of the commission rates each of your potential affiliate programs pay. Consider creating a spreadsheet to compare programs so you can choose the best ones based on all the criteria once you’ve gathered the information.

Step #3 Evaluate cookies. No, not chocolate chip cookies, but those little tracking devices that tell a company where a customer came from. Lifetime cookies are the ideal because then no matter when your visitor decides to make a purchase, you get the credit for it. If the cookie only lasts a week or a month, you may miss out on sales.

Step #4 What does their sales page look like and what is their conversion rate? Your job as an affiliate is to pre-sell. You want to make sure you’re sending people to a sales page that converts. If you visit a potential affiliate program’s sales page and the website or sales page just doesn’t work or has a low conversion rate then you know all your pre-selling efforts are going to be wasting a lot of time and effort.

Step #5 Support and marketing materials. What do you get when you’re an affiliate? Some companies provide an abundance of information and marketing materials, others provide a link and nothing more. The link only programs aren’t necessarily bad. However, it’s nice to have buttons, content, graphics and other materials to help promote a product or service.

Step #6 Review their customer service. You not only want to have a good customer service experience as an affiliate with top notch affiliate support. You also want to know that the customers you send to this company are going to be treated well and appreciated.

Step #7 How often do they pay? Some affiliate programs pay quarterly, some pay as soon as you earn a commission. Slow payers aren’t necessarily bad programs. It just helps to know when you can expect your money.

As more and more companies realize the benefits of having an affiliate team, they’re not only creating affiliate programs, they’re improving their programs too. This means there are many good affiliate programs for you to choose from.
Happy selling!

Review of Easy Cash 4 Ads


EasyCash4Ads Review: Scam or Legit?

EasyCash4ads Launched in December 2016 and is being touted as the new miracle program of the decade. We investigate how these claims stack up. Can EasyCash4Ads live up to the claim or is it an elaborate scam.

EC4A’s compensation plan is a 2-up system where your first two sales (which they refer to as qualifier sales) are passed up to your sponsor. Everybody has to make these 2 qualifier sales before they can start their first income leg which means the longer you are in the system, the more likely it is you will actually make a good chunk of money.

Before we get to the cost to join, let’s first have a look at the 2-up compensation plan and why it works.

On a simple 1-up where only your first sale is passed up to your sponsor, your income can quickly come to a standstill if the last person you referred can’t or won’t refer anyone. This is assuming you only started one income leg, but you can still see why this method is doomed to fail. 1-ups are typically associated with get-rich-quick schemes and our advice would be to stay away from them.

What makes the 2-up compensation plan different is that with each level you reach, the risk of your income coming to a halt is effectively halved. Continue a few levels down and it becomes almost impossible to stop it.

So how much does it cost to join and what do you get for it?

The total cost to join is a one-time $19; $9 is for your hosting and the remaining $10 goes to your sponsor. What you get for your $19 is actually a bit more than what is advertised and that is always nice when a company can over-deliver on a product.

Officially, everybody in your income leg/s will see your full page ad for 25 seconds each time they log in. While this can have a profound effect in other programs you belong to, it quickly loses its power after you have seen the same ad a dozen times, especially if you went ahead and joined whatever system your sponsor is advertising. This is where the owners used their heads and the first part of over-delivering starts.

Any new members you get into your income legs, whether directly referred or passed up from the people in your EasyCash4Ads legs, will see your ad every time they log in to their back-office, but only for the first two weeks. After two weeks they will see a random member’s ad. Not only does this put your ad in front of more eyes than simply the people in your leg/s, it also has the added benefit for newbies and those members who are slow at referring of getting a lot other people to look at their offer.

Continuing to over deliver, a special section found in your the back-office is dedicated to member contributions. Here you will find reports in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats by some top recruiters in EasyCash4Ads where they outline the exact methods they use daily to get sign-ups. Just this feature alone is a gold mine as the information relates to all on-line marketing and not just for EasyCash4Ads. If you are struggling to make a dime on-line these reports will really open your eyes as to how successful marketers go about getting referrals. It is the equivalent of a guru standing over your shoulder and telling you exactly what to do every day.

A last honorable mention I want to give before passing the final verdict has to go to the affiliate resources.

While most program owners will give you two or three resources to help you promote and send you on your way, the owners of EasyCash4Ads really look after their affiliates. They cover all aspects of marketing, both off-line and on-line with an abundance of tools you are not likely to see anywhere else.

The back-office is divided in to 2 sections when it comes to affiliate resources to make it easy for newbies to start and work their way up to the more in depth tools without getting overwhelmed. Talking about tools, the capture pages and splash pages are almost works of art and sure to draw in visitors.

They also have a complete follow-up system designed to draw in new members with a mixture of information and humor. They also send members a copy-and-paste email to send to prospects who opted in to receive more information. What makes this copy-and-paste email especially powerful is that they managed to create an email for members to send out which actually does a hard sell (yes, you read that right), but they disguise it as a very innocent and sincere email.

Final verdict.

EasyCash4Ads offers phenomenal value for a one-time cost of only $19. While some marketers may consider it a pseudo gifting system, there is much more than meets the eye. As a feeder program it is a perfect fit as everyone and their uncle has $19 to spare. For those of you who already belong to FunMouse and / or GDI, EasyCash4Ads has the added bonus that it feeds into those programs as well to help you get more sign-ups without any extra effort.

This program gets our highest recommendation.

Click here to visit

Getting Traffic

Getting Traffic to Your Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is like any other internet business model. The more targeted traffic you have coming to your website, the more profitable you’re likely to be. It’s not a guarantee, however, if you don’t have any traffic you are certainly not going to reach your profit goals. So let’s take a look at how to get traffic to your affiliate website.

Here are seven tips to drive traffic to your site:

#1 Social media sites.

Social media is superior at driving traffic to a website. Each post you create has the potential to reach thousands. If only 10% of those people it reaches visit your website, you still have hundreds of visits each time you post. And it’s a great way to build incoming links, boost your credibility, motivate sales and build a community.

#2 Article marketing.

One well written and informative article submitted to a few article directories can accomplish a number of traffic generation goals.

-When people read the content, they’re likely to click through to visit your website.

-Links in your article, to your website, will boost SEO page ranking.

-Publication tends to generate interest and awareness which both lead to more traffic.

#3 Blogging.

Post on your own blog or be a guest blogger on a blog with a large number of subscribers. Like social networking, if you offer an informative or entertaining post, you’ll have people clicking through to your website and generating traffic

#4 Comment on other blogs.

Participate in your online community. On most forums and blogs when you participate and comment you can post a link to your website in your signature. This actually can generate a ton of website traffic, particularly if you’re posting informative and interesting comments on relevant blogs.

#5 Video Content

Video seems to be the big thing right now and it really works. Video tends to be much more viral and can generate a lot of traffic. Just as you would with any content you put out there, make sure it offers value to your prospects.

#6 Joint Venture Partnerships

Partnering with a relevant or compatible business can work quite well to generate traffic to your affiliate website. A partnership can be anything from guest blogging on each other’s sites, swapping advertisements or even promoting one another in your ezine.

#7 Publish reviews for websites and directories.

This works a bit like article marketing except that you’re reviewing products and/or services relevant to your industry. Make sure to include a link to your website in your review profile.

There are a number of useful ways to drive traffic to your affiliate website. Be creative with it. Connect with your audience where they hang out and provide them with the information they’re looking for.

Affiliate Marketing – A Great Source Of Passive Income

Affiliate Marketing – A Great Source Of Passive Income

Ever wonder if there’s a way to spend your days talking, writing, and discussing a topic you’re passionate about and make money doing it? Imagine being able to spend your days talking about your favorite soap opera, car, sport, hobby or interest and actually make passive income. Affiliate marketing may be the answer to your prayers.

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is income that comes to you passively, without a hard sell. For example, if you knock on someone’s door and say, “Hey, wanna buy…” that’s not passive income. You’re asking for the sale. However, if you email them an informative article and they click on a link in that article and make a purchase, that’s passive income.

It’s defined as “An income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.”

Using the example above, if you email that article to 1000 people, they forward it to friends, family and associates, one article with a few links could generate a lot of passive income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an internet business model where entrepreneurs make passive income promoting products. They earn a commission for each sale they influence. Sales and click throughs are tracked with unique affiliate links.
Generally, affiliate marketers make their money by creating content in the form of:

* Audio
* Video
* Articles
* Reports
* Ebooks
* Autoresponder courses
* Online courses
* Social networking posts
* Blog posts

They include links to relevant affiliate products or services in their content. Readers or visitors click through and make a purchase. The affiliate marketer gets a commission on that sale. Content is generally considered the single most important tool an affiliate marketer has to make a passive income.

The Ideal Lifestyle?

As an affiliate marketer the goal is to find a topic you’re excited to spend your time writing and talking about. In addition to content, you can also get involved in your community, participate in social networking, blog, guest blog and make sure you’re noticed.

As an affiliate marketer you’ll need a website or blog, passion for your topic, and a means for communicating with your audience. You’ll also want to have a few quality products or services to promote. Once you’ve set up your affiliate business, it is passive income. Create content, link to your relevant products or services, and make commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living. There’s no other way to live an ideal internet entrepreneur lifestyle. Take the time to set your business up right and the sky is the limit, all your business building dreams can come true.

Affiliate Marking Dos and Don’ts

Affiliate Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn a passive income. You can also grow your business to provide a full time salary for you and your family. The profits you are able to earn depend on your goals and your level of commitment. In order to succeed and help you achieve your affiliate marketing business goals, we’ve compiled a list of affiliate marketing dos and don’ts:

Do: Spend time finding the right domain name. Look for one that is memorable, descriptive and includes keywords that people would use when searching for the products and services you’ll be marketing.

Do: Research and know your keywords. Ideally, you’ll find a number of keywords that have low competition and high search volume. You can find this information by using a number of free keyword tools found online.

Do: Create a content plan before you launch. Make sure you have a wealth of topics to talk about or write on. Your keywords may be able to help you with this task. Content is your foundation. Create audio, video, or print content – whichever suits your market and your personality and skills.

Do: Consider a blog. Blogs have a knack for catching the attention of search engines. And they can be added to an already existing website to market your brand and personality.

Don’t: Just put up a website full of content and sit back. The more frequently you update your website or blog, the more traffic you’ll have. People like fresh content and the search engines do too.

Do: Strategically integrate affiliate links into your content. These links tend to work better at generating click throughs than banner ads.

Do: Use social networking to build your business. Social networking may be your most successful marketing tactic. It’s a fabulous way to interact directly with your audience and to increase awareness. Create an attractive and compelling profile page for each site, and include links to your website. This alone will help you get better search engine rankings and traffic.

Don’t: Merely promote on social networking sites. Interact. Visit other members’ profiles, add some friends, and join and participate in some groups or forums.

Do: Use a variety of content to promote your affiliate products and services. Options include but are not limited to:

Online courses or autoresponder courses
Tips, quotes or information nuggets
Blog posts
Video content

Do: Consider using a pay-per-click advertising campaign. This type of program allows you to bid on keywords related to your business in order to get visitors to your site. You can set a budget that will not be exceeded, and you only pay for actual visits. The most popular pay-per-click provider is Google AdWords (, but there are also several others to choose from.

Do: Use analytics. Find out what articles and information is attracting attention and what keywords people are using to find your website or blog. This information will help you fine tune your content strategy so you can provide more of what your audience is looking for.

Don’t: Join any and every relevant affiliate program. Only join those you feel strongly about and those which have good affiliate programs. This means good commissions, pay out times, customer service, and a quality reputation.

Do: Have fun! Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a living. Your enthusiasm for your topic and your business will be contagious. You’ll attract a fun group of people who are as passionate about your topic as you are and you’ll build a profitable community of followers.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make profits online. It’s a business model that supports many lifestyles. It’s also a great way to spend your day – making money talking about a topic you love.